Meet a fellow wood furnace owner

A Word from Steve Burlingame, owner, Wood Furnaces of Massachusetts

I have been a seller and installer of outdoor wood furnaces in Massachusetts and other New England states for many years since being sold on the idea of heating with an outdoor wood furnace at my Charlton, Massachusetts home. Three things drew me to offer the HeatMaster wood furnace line:

Heatmaster: Great for home or work!

  • Ease of use
  • Quality design and construction
  • The company’s constant product improvement

HeatMaster and Wood Furnaces of Massachusetts share a commitment to excellent customer service.

Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

HeatMaster draws the No. 1 ranking for wood-burning furnaces at, a consumer-friendly rating site for HVAC products of all kinds. This well-established site gathers reviews and compares 2,000 different heating and air conditioning product lines, among them some three dozen brands of wood furnaces. HeatMaster’s 5-star rating is unmatched.

Coming from the province of Manitoba in Canada, Heatmaster’s founders know a little something about cold and a lot about fabricating furnaces that keep it outside where it belongs.

Of course, an outdoor wood furnace has the advantage of keeping more than cold outside —  like the mess of wood handling and the potential for fumes from indoor heating with wood. Along with the longevity of burn, it’s a great way to keep you and yours comfortable through the colder months, saving money all the while.

And HeatMaster outdoor wood furnaces do even more. An outdoor wood boiler can be adapted to produce hot water for your home or building, and even for heating driveways.

Start Your Savings Now

I urge people contemplating new construction to put good, efficient ideas to work in the infrastructure of their buildings from the very start. But for those simply looking to do much better on heating and utility costs for an existing home or business, a HeatMaster outdoor wood furnace is the place to start. This way your exterior wood boiler is in place when you’re ready to move in.